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ART 371
(3rd floor - North Pavilion)
Hours iconHOURS
8:00am - 5:00pm
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CVAD IT Services
Phone iconPHONE
(940) 565-4522

CVAD Student IT Support

Students are invited to come by our Student Computer Lab (ART 375) where the latest software is available including the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Autodesk and all of the other software needed for your coursework on both Windows and OSX. You can print out your assignments or even 3D Print a project you are working on (no charge ever for CVAD students). Equipment such as cameras, projectors, Wacom tablets, and laptops are all available for checkout to students enrolled in CVAD courses - free of charge. You can work as a group in one of our collaboration spaces or just have a seat in our lounge.

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The UNT VPN provides university faculty and staff secure remote access to the UNT network. If you are off campus or using the campus wireless network, you need to use the CISCO AnyConnect Client to... more
Web Print for Adjuncts, TAs, and TFs
Printing course material for your classes is now available in the computer lab or through a Web Print portal. Printing from a CVAD Lab Computer Chose the printer CVAD Lab Adjunct Printer.... more
Trouble Accessing UNT Email via iPhone
If you are having trouble using your iPhone to access your UNT email account, check and see if you have upgraded your iOS version to 11. If so, it is a known issue that Microsoft and Apple are... more

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