I just received a suspicious email. How should I handle it?

If you receive a message that you suspect is a phishing attempt (any message that asks you to “click the link below” or asks you to change your password or provide confidential information), forward the email to artsupport@unt.edu and ignore it unless you hear back from us. If it turns out to be legitimate, we will let you know.

If your account were actually locked out because you missed a special announcement (the university rarely does this), we will take care of it. Getting your account unlocked in that situation takes just a few minutes. Getting your account unlocked after it has been successfully phished and started emailing inappropriate messages to the UNT address book takes considerably longer. If there is a serious deadline coming up for something like this, we will let you or your supervisor know directly so you are unlikely to get a surprise email that is legitimate.

If you make the mistake of clicking on a link in an email that takes you to a site where you type in your password or provide any other confidential information, change your password immediately at http://ams.unt.edu and then contact us. It's urgent that you change your password immediately as every minute could be hundreds of emails going out. If you act quickly and let us know as soon as you can we can usually prevent the account from being locked.

When you get a message that starts with [EXT] in the subject line that means it is from an email address outside of UNT. If an email with the [EXT] tag makes any request of you or appears to be university business when it is not, forward the suspicious email to us.

You can get more information on phishing at https://itss.untsystem.edu/divisions/mrs/is/phishing.