Frequently Asked Questions

What online services or products are approved by UNT and CVAD?

For a list of approved online services, click

None of these online services will be managed by UNT or CVAD - students will create their own accounts and provide required information directly to the service provider without including UNT or CVAD.

Cloud Storage Solutions (Dropbox, Google Docs): Faculty and staff will not upload material to or download from the service. This includes not only things that might include student information, but also assignments, projects, syllabi, account information, or any other course material intended for the student or provided by the student. Faculty and staff will not use any accounts they may have access to, or create additional accounts, to access the information being stored by the student.

As a current CVAD Student, can I use Adobe Creative Cloud for free?

UNT has a site license for Adobe Creative Cloud, and by default, this software is installed on all the classroom and lab computers for student use. We’ve made some changes to the sign-in process for Adobe CC 2019 on shared computers. For help, see this document.

If you would like to use Adobe CC on your personal computer, you can purchase a discounted copy through UNT on The Hub. There are many software packages available for students, faculty, and staff, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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How can I connect to the VPN?

The UNT VPN provides university faculty and staff secure remote access to the UNT network. If you are off-campus or using the campus wireless network, you will need to connect to the university’s VPN using CISCO AnyConnect to then access the file server.

Click here for complete instructions.

What's this I hear about software discounts for Faculty, Staff and Students?

The university has a discount software program called UNT on The Hub. There are many software packages available for faculty, staff, and students, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. You do not need to buy these for your university-provided computer - this program is for purchasing software at a discount for your personally owned computer.

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I just received a suspicious email. How should I handle it?

If you receive a message that you suspect is a phishing attempt (any message that asks you to “click the link below” or asks you to change your password or provide confidential information), forward the email to and ignore it unless you hear back from us. If it turns out to be legitimate, we will let you know.

If your account were actually locked out because you missed a special announcement (the university rarely does this), we will take care of it. Getting your account unlocked in that situation takes just a few minutes. Getting your account unlocked after it has been successfully phished and started emailing inappropriate messages to the UNT address book takes considerably longer. If there is a serious deadline coming up for something like this, we will let you or your supervisor know directly so you are unlikely to get a surprise email that is legitimate.

If you make the mistake of clicking on a link in an email that takes you to a site where you type in your password or provide any other confidential information, change your password immediately at and then contact us. It's urgent that you change your password immediately as every minute could be hundreds of emails going out. If you act quickly and let us know as soon as you can we can usually prevent the account from being locked.

When you get a message that starts with [EXT] in the subject line that means it is from an email address outside of UNT. If an email with the [EXT] tag makes any request of you or appears to be university business when it is not, forward the suspicious email to us.

You can get more information on phishing at

Does CVAD IT Services sell office supplies?

Unfortunately, we cannot supply students with items like file folders, sheet protectors, scissors, etc. There are a limited amount of tools for use *IN* the Student Computer Lab (ART 375) like self-healing cutting mats, scissors, etc. Those items must be used in the lab and cannot be removed or borrowed. If you need to purchase supplies, the UNT Barnes & Noble Bookstore has a large assortment of office supplies for sale.

Can CVAD IT fix my personal computer?

CVAD IT Services provides a variety of services to students enrolled in CVAD courses. We can offer consultation with you on anything from software recommendations to purchasing a computer. However, we cannot perform maintenance on, update, or manipulate your personal device in any way.

To maintain the integrity of the network, personal equipment (i.e. equipment not purchased with university funds) or devices not configured by CVAD IT Services will not be granted access to the physical network. Since personal devices cannot be guaranteed to be in full compliance with all UNT security policies, we cannot support or service equipment not owned by the University of North Texas.

What time does the Fab Lab / Computer Lab / IT Office close?

The CVAD IT Support office is open Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm.
The CVAD FabLab hours can be found at
The CVAD Computer Lab hours can be found at

Please note: hours are subject to change based on official UNT holidays, breaks, and or in the event of inclement weather.

How much does it cost to 3D print?

Current UNT students (students enrolled in any class at UNT) have access to 3D printing at no cost.

Current CVAD students (students enrolled in any CVAD class) have access to all color, black & white, and large format printing.

All other current UNT students have access to black & white printing.

Basic paper is provided for all laser and large format printers. Students are invited to provide higher quality paper for the large format printers. A variety of media is provided for the 3D printers, and students are invited to experiment with additional materials that are approved for use in our filament printers.

All printing is intended for academic use only. The CVAD SCL does not support or provide personal printing in the facility.

What's the largest size paper available to print on in the computer lab?

Current UNT students (students enrolled in UNT classes) have access to 8 1/2" x 11" or 11" x 17" black & white laser printing.

Current CVAD students (students enrolled in CVAD classes) have access to 8 1/2" x 11" or 11" x 17" color laser printing, as well as large format inkjet (plotter) printing up to 44" wide and 600" long. The lab provides 24" paper only for large format printing. For more details on printing in the CVAD Computer Lab, see

How can I checkout a camera or laptop?

Many audiovisual items are available for checkout from CVAD IT Services and the CVAD Computer Lab, including DSLR cameras, macro lenses, tripods, light kits and more. Most items have a three-day checkout limit. Each semester, you will need to fill out a CVAD IT Services Equipment Checkout "Terms of Agreement" form before you will be eligible to check out any equipment. For all details and a list of items available for checkout, see

Where can I get paper for the printers?

For printers in faculty/staff offices or printers in the shared or hoteling spaces, paper is located in the mailroom (ART 345B).

How do I set up Wi-Fi service on my device?

Having trouble connecting to the wireless network? Try these tips:

  • Make sure WiFi is enabled on your device
  • Power the device off completely and then turn it back on
  • Configure the device to receive an address automatically (DHCP)
  • Check to be sure you are using your current password
  • Make sure you are not using a "%" or "?" in your password (we have found that these are not compatible on a few devices)

For more help, see the WiFi Setup Guides.

How can I manage my password and/or EUID?

The only place you can securely change your password is on UNT System's Account Management System, AMS. You can look up your unique identification information:

  • Enterprise user identification, EUID, the user ID for most online accounts
  • UNT System ID
  • Student or employee number
  • UNT-provided email address
  • Password expiration date

You also can change your password, email options, and security question. To view this information and your options, go to, then log in using your EUID and password. If your account is new or inactive, you may use need to activate your account.

How do I reserve a critique space in the Art Building?

You may reserve a critique space in the Art Building online by visiting