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Holiday Schedule

Click here for the official UNT 2018-19 Holiday Schedule. For other holiday schedules, see the most recently updated content at read more

Adobe Creative Cloud: Faculty\Staff Accounts

UNT has a site license for Adobe Creative Cloud, each faculty and staff member is granted access to the full suite at no charge. All faculty and staff already have an account ready with Adobe but it... read more

Connecting to the CVAD File Server through the VPN: Mac and Windows

The UNT VPN provides university faculty and staff secure remote access to the UNT network. If you are off campus or using the campus wireless network, you need to use the CISCO AnyConnect Client to... read more

Web Print for Adjuncts, TAs, and TFs

Printing course material for your classes is now available in the computer lab or through a Web Print portal. Printing from a CVAD Lab Computer Chose the printer CVAD Lab Adjunct Printer. Your... read more

Terms of Agreement

Review the Terms of Agreement below. Sign and submit the Terms of Agreement Form online, which signifies your agreement to all conditions below. Please note, this form must be submitted at... read more

Trouble Accessing UNT Email via iPhone

If you are having trouble using your iPhone to access your UNT email account, check and see if you have upgraded your iOS version to 11. If so, it is a known issue that Microsoft and Apple are... read more

Phishing Attempts at CVAD

In the past couple of weeks we have had an increase in the number of phishing attempts and unfortunately some have been successful. Please review the following content:   A phishing attempt is... read more

Guest WiFi Accounts

**For current faculty or staff members of the College of Visual Arts & Design only**   If you are NOT AFFILIATED WITH CVAD, please visit the UNT Distributed IT Support by Network Manager... read more

Use of Third-Party Services (i.e. Dropbox, Google Docs)

Faculty and staff should remember that there are state and federal guidelines, laws, and regulations as well university policies that govern the use of third-party software solutions (including... read more

Windows 10

This semester CVAD IT Services will be replacing most staff and many faculty computers and migrating to Windows 10. If you have never used Windows 10, it will likely take awhile to get comfortable... read more



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