FabLab: Students

Students should schedule a file check before reserving equipment when:

  • It is their first time using the dFab Lab
  • They are starting on an unfamiliar or new piece of equipment
  • Anytime there is uncertainty with file validity

At the Filecheck, staff will work with the student to ensure their file(s) are correct and make certain the student is prepared to use the equipment. This 30-minute file check appointment can be reserved online at https://cvadit.unt.edu/fablab/reservations.

To maximize time on equipment, students should come prepared. Editing files or cutting down material should be completely done prior to your appointment - otherwise, it eats into your machine time. Fab Lab staff reserve the right to stop your job if it begins to overlap another student’s reservation. Plan accordingly!

Your reservation will be held for 15 minutes past your start time. If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment may be given away unless you’ve contacted us in advance at cvadfablab@unt.edu. Missing more than three scheduled machine appointments without prior notice to the dFabLab will result in loss of lab privileges.

All materials must be provided by the student with the exception of resin for the SLA printers. We also have a limited selection of vinyl for the Vinyl Cutter and some scrap material for testing. Students are encouraged to bring enough of their material to run tests and the project.

The dFab Lab Staff is present for your safety, the safety of the machines, and to help you troubleshoot problems you may have in utilizing the machines. Staff members are not trained to assist with any issues regarding your design process including troubleshooting design software issues - they are trained to help you process your finished design through the machines in the lab.

Students must take responsibility for their projects. If you have a job that requires 6-hour worth of engraving or cutting then you must be present for 6-hours. It’s not the technician’s job to oversee your project. Students are not allowed to temporarily leave the dFabLab while a job is being processed without pausing the job first and notifying the lab staff. If you walk away from a job unannounced, it will be paused for you until you return.

The Laser Cutters, Plasma Cutter, CNC Routers are potentially dangerous and need your full, undivided attention. A few seconds could mean the difference between minimal equipment damage and thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Students are financially liable for machines damaged by reckless and/or negligent use.