Computer Classrooms

The College of Visual Arts and Design is committed to providing students with the latest technology required to succeed in a creative, artistic profession. These computer classrooms, located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Art Building, offer state-of-the-art technology and the most current software applications.
An updated list of software titles available on computers in the classrooms (including the Classroom on Wheels laptop carts) is available here.


  • Computer Classrooms are only accessible to faculty and students during active class periods. Once a class has ended, the room must be vacated. If an instructor cancels a class - or class ends early - all students must vacate the classroom.
  • Eating or drinking is not permitted in the Computer Classrooms. All food and beverages must be in sealed containers to prevent spills on the equipment if they are brought into the classroom.
  • No unapproved software installation permitted.
  • Instructors are responsible for securing the room after class ends. Be sure all students have vacated and that all doors are closed securely.


  • Faculty may reserve a computer classroom by emailing
  • Students wishing to reserve a classroom must contact their faculty advisor.


  • CVAD has three (3) laptop carts, each with twenty (20) MacBook Pros, available for reservation and checkout by all CVAD instructors. The laptops in the cart are Mac-only (Windows is not installed). All of the software available on the classroom computers is also installed on the laptops.
  • CVAD instructors may reserve a cart of twenty laptops to use in their classrooms.
  • Reservations for laptop carts can now be made online by clicking here.
  • Actively enrolled CVAD students may check out one laptop at a time from the CVAD Student Computer Lab.