Welcome Back - Spring 2019

Welcome back. You probably have a lot of questions and this page is intended to answer as many as we can, but please understand some things are still to be determined at this time. Good luck this semester!

CVAD IT Services: Where, What, How?

Where are we located?

  • CVAD Helpdesk - ART 371
  • CVAD Student Computer Lab - ART 375
  • CVAD Digital Fabrication Lab - ART 361

What services do we provide?
At the help desk, you can get support for practically any information technology issue you encounter on campus. If you need new software installed, updates for your computer, a new printer installed – come by or contact our office. Even if it is not something that is handled by our office we can either open up a ticket for you with the group that is responsible for managing that particular system or we can direct you to the right department. Problems with your university-assigned computer, research equipment, classroom audio-visual equipment, software – we can help you with all of these. We have equipment we can loan out to you: adapters, cables, cameras, tablets, laptops, projectors. Come by or read below about our website.

How can you contact us for support?

If you need to contact our office for computer support, the best way to do so is to submit a ticket on our website or call our main number. If you do email us, it is best to use the main address above rather than emailing an individual on our team directly. Emails sent to that email address go to our entire team so your issue will be addressed more quickly.

Meet the CVAD IT Staff: https://cvadit.unt.edu/contact

If you have any questions about information technology resources available on campus, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Discounted Software - Home Use

Are you interested in discounted software for home use? Then check out UNT on the Hub and get great prices on Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS and more. For example, you can get the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite for $9.95 per year. There are quite a few packages available AND make sure you click on "Faculty\Staff" at the top of the page because the price for Students may be higher.

CVAD Student Computer Lab

The CVAD Student Computer Lab (SCL) is located in ART 375 and has all of the software that is available in the computer classrooms plus color laser printers, large format printers, 3D printers and checkout equipment. The lab is managed by Kacey Close, feel free to stop by and chat with him if you have any questions.

The Student Computer Lab hours are:

  • Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

All computers in the SCL are iMacs that can be booted into the MacOS or Windows.

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M750 (3)
HP DesignJet Z3200 Photo – 44 inch (1)
HP DesignJet Z3200 Photo – 24 inch (2)
Epson Surecolor P7000 (5)
Lulzbot TAZ 6 (8) - (3D Printers; Filament)

Below is a fairly complete list of the software available in the SCL. The list grows each semester, please send new software request as soon as you decide that you will be using it in class. The approval process sometimes takes a day or two and other times takes a month or two. We will need some time to get the approvals from ITSS and the BSS before we can install the software.

Mac (in addition to the software that ships with all Mac computers):

  • Adobe CC
  • Audacity
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Autodesk Sketchbook
  • AutoPano Giga
  • Blender
  • FinalCut Pro
  • Firefox
  • GarageBand
  • Google Chrome
  • Handbrake
  • iMovie
  • Keynote
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Rhinoceros
  • Sketchup
  • VLC
  • ZBrush

Windows (in addition to the software that ships with all Windows computers):

  • Adobe CC
  • Accumark Gerber
  • Audacity
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Autodesk Netfabb
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk Sketchbook
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Rhinoceros
  • Simplify 3D
  • Sketchup
  • VLC
  • ZBrush

Lynda.com - Online Learning Platform (migrated to LinkedIn Learning)

CVAD was the first College in the UNT System to provide Lynda.com accounts to all students and faculty. The university has since purchased a campus-wide license. For more information and to access Lynda.com, go to the campus website: https://it.unt.edu/linkedinlearning. Lynda provides a lot of software tutorials that are broken up into small, easy-to-complete sections. Please make sure your students know this is available to them!

CVAD Digital Fabrication Lab (FABLAB)

The FabLab is located in ART 361. If you need to contact staff with a question, please use the general account CVAD FabLab (cvadfablab@unt.edu). Emails to that account are viewable by all staff members so you will receive a faster response by emailing us here.

The FABLAB opens to faculty on the first day of class and to students on roughly the 12th class day. The exclusive two week period of time is provided to faculty so they may prepare for their assignments and familiarize themselves with the lab before students begin using the lab.

In the new building, the FabLab is still a work-in-progress but the demo area will be ready by the 12th class day. Talk to our FabLab Manager, Shawn Lopez, to schedule a time for your class to visit and take the mandatory Safety Training.

The FabLab hours are:

  • Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

For more information, visit the FabLab Website https://art.unt.edu/fablab.

  • Faculty do not make reservations but can walk-in and use any equipment that is available at the time as long as it won’t interfere with a student appointment. The FABLAB is available outside of the posted hours to faculty only - contact us for more information regarding the weekend and after-hours program.
  • Safety Training: All patrons, faculty, and students are required to take an annual safety training class (approximately 30 minutes) before being allowed on the equipment. Faculty can bring their classes to the FabLab to complete their safety training as a group - just schedule a time with Shawn Lopez.

Formlabs Form 2 (Resin Printer) (2) *We have eight filament printers for prototyping available in the CVAD SCL.
Epilog Fusion M2 (2) *More are coming!
Epilog Helix 24
Epilog Zing 16
Creaform GO!Scan 20
Creaform GO!Scan 50
ShopBot Desktop (CNC with 1hp Spindle)
ShopBot PRS Standard 96x48 CNC *More are coming!
Torchmate Growth Series 4x4 (Plasma cutter)
Wazer (scheduled to be delivered in October)

Classroom on Wheels (Laptop and iPad Checkouts)

MacBook Pros and iPads are available for checkout by CVAD students and faculty (students must be enrolled in at least one CVAD class to check out either). Students may check out one of each at a time but they are due back in the lab before the lab closes each day since they may be required for a class the following morning. Faculty may reserve a cart of twenty of either\each to use in their classrooms. In order to make a reservation for the cart, please send an email to “CVAD Classroom on Wheels” (CVAD.ClassroomOnWheels@unt.edu) and specify the date, time and class they are for. You will need to pick the cart up in ART 375 before class. The MacBook Pros do not have Windows installed on them - only Mac OSX. They have all of the software available in the lab. If you are going to use the iPad cart and need a particular app to be available on the iPads, even if it is free, please give us as much notice as possible. If it is an app that is not free, please discuss this with your chair beforehand as you would any other software purchase. Be advised that the same restriction on third-party services that apply to things like Dropbox also applies to apps.

Equipment Checkout

We have a variety of equipment for faculty and students to check out in addition to the laptops and tablets: cameras, a variety of projectors, cables, adapters, webcams, microphones, speakers… If a student is preparing an exhibition and needs something, please have them come see us. We don’t have a large quantity available on every item but we will try to help the student prepare as best we can. We also almost never throw away anything that might be useful to someone - no matter how unlikely.

This summer we ordered an additional 20 new cameras for checkout. They are Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR Cameras with an 18-135 mm Lens. They will each come in a hard case and include an SD card and a 67mm Ultraviolet Haze Multi-Coated Filter. We also will now have a variety of tripods available for checkout. Not everything has arrived but we expect to have everything available soon.

We will be following up with faculty this semester about increasing our checkout equipment offerings. If you have any requests/suggestions – please email me. We already have some suggestions from our survey last summer but if you did not get a chance to respond, or are new to CVAD, we would appreciate any suggestions you have.

Hoteling Spaces: Temporary Office Spaces for Faculty

Since the original ART Building is being remodeled of sorts, most faculty will not have access to a full-time office. However, there are places in the new building where faculty can sit down and work.

  • ART 262A
  • ART 262B
  • ART 262C*
  • ART 373*

*ART 262C and 373 have printers for faculty to use to print course materials and anything else they may need to have printed. Please come by our office to have the printers installed on your laptop. If you have a desktop, call us to install and we will come by. Every faculty member should have these two printers: the ART 345V Mailroom Printer, and any Departmental or Program printers that are available to them.

  • You will likely have several printers installed on your computer that worked before we moved to the new building. These will need to be re-installed since we are now on a new network.
  • If you are using the wireless network in the building, you will need to connect to the VPN in order to print to the printers on campus. The instructions for using the VPN will be posted on the back of the doors of the hoteling spaces but are also available for download on our website.

WiFi, VPN, and the CVAD Fileserver

The CVAD Fileserver is used by CVAD Faculty and Staff to store departmental data and professional work. It is backed up nightly and is available to everyone. It can be accessed remotely through the VPN through a web interface or a client.

The Cisco Anywhere client can be installed on your laptop, please come by our office if you do not have it installed or you need an update. By default all faculty computers have it installed during the original build.

The documentation for VPN access and the CVAD Fileserver is currently being updated to include some recent changes to the file server directory structure. It will be available before classes begin and you will get a link to our website that will include a page with the instructions and a PDF if you would like to download a copy.

UNT Perks - Employee Perk Programs

The university has partnered with several employee perks programs that provide discounts on anything from computers to travel. You can find information on them here: PerksConnect, PerkSpot and Discount Purchase Program.

FYI on UNT Policies: A Few Things You Should Be Aware Of
  1. Concerning Use of Third-Party Services (Example: Dropbox, Google Docs)
    I want to take a moment to remind everyone that there are state and federal guidelines, laws, and regulations as well university policies that govern the use of third-party software solutions (including but not limited to cloud-based storage services like Dropbox and Google). There are a variety of popular third-party solutions available and many of them are free and do not require anything to be installed on the computer itself. But they can only be used under certain circumstances. They cannot be used to store student data - that includes classwork or anything that contains any student information. Do not use these solutions in your classes, as part of your course-work or for any university business. These can be used for research purposes but only if no sensitive information is transferred.

    If you want to use a third-party solution in your classes or for university business, it has to be approved by ITSS, BSS, and our legal department. Start by making the request to your chair. The chair can forward me the request and I will begin the process of submitting it for approval.

    Below are some links to relevant policies on this matter. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks.

UNT System Information Security Handbook,

6.3 External Organization

6.3.2. Written agreements or contracts must be in place between the System Administration or Institution and external party prior to granting access to information or information resources to the external party. Security risk assessments and the use of non-disclosure agreements must also be implemented prior to entering into agreements with external parties who will access information resources, Category I, or Category II information.

6.3.3. Information resources assigned from the System Administration or Institutions to another institution of higher education, or from the System Administration or an Institution to a contractor or other third party, shall be protected in accordance with the policies, standards, and other conditions imposed by the System Administration or Institution.

10. Cryptographic Controls
10.1. ...Minimum encryption requirements must include the following:
10.1.4. Confidential information must be encrypted if copied to or stored on a portable computing device, removable media, or non-agency owned computing device;
UNT Purchasing Services Policy 10.043,

4.0.2 Only the Board of Regents, the Chancellor, and the President have the authority to incur any obligation or enter into a contract, agreement, or purchase on behalf of the University of North Texas unless this authority has been specifically delegated to a designee by one of them in writing. No commitment for materials, equipment, or services may be made without an approved purchase order or negotiated written contract signed by one of these authorized agents. The designated agents for signing purchase orders on behalf of the University of North Texas are the Chancellor, the President, and their designees.
UNT Computer Use Policy 14.003,

Authorized Use: The University of North Texas provides computer resources for the purpose of accomplishing tasks related to the University's mission. It should be noted that the use of some of the computers, networks, and software located on or off the University campus may be dedicated to specific research, teaching missions or purposes that limit their use or access.

  1. IT Purchasing
    If you need to buy a computer, monitor, or printer - you will need to contact our office so we can generate the quotes. Once we have a quote we will forward it to you and your chair approval. After it has been approved we will work with your department admin to get the purchase through the Business Shared Service (BSS). Computers can only be purchased through approved vendors and in most cases that means a Dell if you want a PC (we are required to attempt to go through Dell first). The university has “approved standards” for both Dells and Macs but if those do not meet your needs we can order what you need and go to another computer vendor if necessary. The majority of the computers we have in CVAD fall outside of the university’s standards so we are used to it and there won’t be a problem. There is just more paperwork and it will take a bit longer. If you are interested you can see the current standards here:

    All computer, monitor, and printer purchases have to be made through a REQ (not a pcard) in most cases.

    If you need software or an online service either for a class you are teaching or for your own research - please include your chair on the request (preferably discuss it with your chair before you send it to us). We will either handle the purchase or work with your department admin to get it purchased. Keep in mind that if the university does not currently have an agreement with the software\service vendor, we will have to submit a request to purchase to the BSC. Approval times on standard software currently is taking as long as three weeks. An online service will take even longer.

    If you need any other accessory\peripheral you can order that directly through PDME (preferred by UNT System), Amazon, CDWG, or any or any other vendor - just work with your department admin or follow the procedures your department has in place. If you would like us to generate a quote or check pricing on something or something else of that nature - just email us. Before you order though, let us know so we can review it before it has been purchased. In some cases we may already have something that we can give you, either permanently or on loan, that will meet your needs and save your money. In other cases we just need to make sure what is being purchased is compatible with the system it will be used on and\or if you will need to order something else instead or in addition.
  2. Phishing Attempts
    Our campus has had an increase in the number of phishing attempts and unfortunately, some have been successful. Please review the information below:

    A phishing attempt is when you receive an email that requests information that should not be shared and claims to be from someone you would normally trust so as to not raise suspicions. While phishing attempts to our personal email accounts are likely to try and get information related to our bank or credit card accounts, the ones we get in our UNT mailbox usually are trying to get our EUID password and claim to be from the “IT department”. The scammers may be trying to get your account credentials so they can access the university’s confidential records (as you!) and that would result in a security breach that would have to be reported publicly. Most often, however, they just want to hijack your email account and use it spam advertisements and\or inappropriate content from it. Each of those emails will have your name on it though and even after the issue has been resolved you may receive complaints from people who were spammed from your account.

    Some things to remember:
  • The only place you can securely change your password is: http://ams.unt.edu – this is the only place we will direct you to for a password change.
  • If you receive a message that you suspect is a phishing attempt (any message that asks you to “click the link below” to change your password or provide confidential information) – just send it to us and ignore it unless you hear back from us. If it turns out to be legitimate, we will let you know. If your account were actually locked out because you missed a special announcement (the university rarely does this), we will take care of it. Getting your account unlocked in that situation takes just a few minutes. Getting your account unlocked after it has been successfully phished and started emailing inappropriate messages to the UNT address book takes considerably longer. If there is a serious deadline coming up for something like this, we will let you or your supervisor know directly so you are unlikely to get a surprise email that is legitimate.
  • If you make the mistake of clicking on a link in an email that takes you to a site where you type in your password or provide any other confidential information – change your password immediately at http://ams.unt.edu and then contact us. Change your password first as every minute could be hundreds of emails going out. If you act quickly and let us know as soon as you can we can usually prevent the account from being locked.
  • When you get a message that starts with [EXT] in the subject line that means it is from an email address outside of UNT. You should consider any email with the [EXT] tag that makes any request of you or appears to be university business as suspect. Forward suspect emails to us.

You can get more information on phishing here: https://itss.untsystem.edu/divisions/mrs/is/phishing